About me

Hi, my name is Brecht Bleeker and I am an artist and photographer, living in the vibrant city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I grew up in the countryside of Friesland, surrounded by nature. My mother is an artists who learned me to have an eye for the special in everyday life. As a self taught artist, I learned the technical tricks of the trade by taking photography courses from various celebrated photography experts.

Being a creative person all my life, I have only recently started going public with my botanical Fine Art prints with a graphical touch. The kick-off took place with an exhibition at the Rotterdam city garden shop Stek in 2021. Since then, my work is part of several private collections.

My great source of inspiration is Herman de Vries, for whom nature is art. Other great influencers are Piet Mondriaan and Louis le Roy, both masters in abstracting and merging nature and culture.

Artist statement

My works have their origin in my great love for nature. I am inspired by the fascinating organic shapes, delicate details and beautiful colors. I express my amazement at the enormous wealth and power of flowers and plants by making compositions with botanical material.

To go beyond the standard representation of nature, I use parts of flowers and plants as building blocks for geometric shapes such as straight lines and squares. It is a search for a new visual language that challenges the viewer to look differently and rediscover the magic, beauty and wealth of nature.

I collect my materials during my walks in nature and the city. Picking, drying and arranging is a mediative and slow process. There is no Photoshop involved, everything is done manually. This hyperfocus and enchantment leads to a feeling of deep connection with nature that provides me peace and balance. I hope others, looking at my work, experience that too.

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